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Carolyn Argent
May I just take the time to say how happy I am with my GRAVITY-ZERO wheels. They offer a smooth ride, look very stylish but more importantly I find I am consistently travelling about 3-4km faster. Now this is a great bonus for me keeping up with my riding partner! The wheels are a very innovative product, and whilst I’m not a technical person, I appreciate the workmanship that has gone into both their design and construction.
I have had great service from Cycling Obsession also!
Thank you from a very happy customer.

Marcus Roberts
I have in the past won State Champs T/T (Masters) on your Rocket Disc and 50mm front, road Champs on 50mm front and back, Placing in the Maryborough Easter Carnival and most recent a variety of Medals in the Vets Nationals in Adelaide on your wheels, Swear by them.

Joe Gambles Australian Pro Triathlete (70.3 specialist)
One of the first to get my hands on the NEW GRAVITY-ZERO TT ROCKET disc, it is the lightest and most responsive disc wheel I have ever ridden. The belief that my wheels are much more efficient than my competitors drives me to push even harder in the race while using less energy. Appreciating more and more the ROCKET’s zero lag technology I know that I get back 100% for what I put in, leaving my legs less fatigued and ready to put in my best performance on the run.

Dr Craig McKenzie, Australian Pro Triathete
Update 1/3/08 As a professional athlete racing triathlons and duathlons around the world over most distances, I have ridden with a lot of different wheels and wheel combinations. After my first season riding GRAVITY-ZERO I can honestly say that there is no system of hub I would rather race on. As an Osteopath, I’m aware of the importance of how the body works most effectively. Whether it’s a super short criterium type course, a hilly or a long flat course, it’s all about making sure the power directed into the hub goes into turning it forward, smoothly and efficiently. The GRAVITY-ZERO hub mechanism does this without any lag or wasted energy. As endurance exercise relies on the effective utilization of the limited fuel sources, those being glycogen and fat stores, efficiency in muscular function is the most important factor to successful cycling and multisport races. In biomechanical terms, this means the musculoskeletal system will become more capable, resulting in less energy expenditure or more power output at the same intensities, as previously ridden. This reserve in power will result in faster bike times or more energy left for the run leg, which means an overall improvement in performance. The results from my point of view speak for themselves. Since using GRAVITY-ZERO wheels, I’ve had my best Ironman results with a second place finish at Louisville including the third fastest bike and fastest run split. Likewise at Busselton this year I had my fastest overall race time of 8.13 with my fastest bike and run splits ever. Now with option of titanium hub casing and ceramic bearings, these wheels are as light and spin better than any other wheel I’ve ridden. This again results in less resistance to overcome while riding, therefore increasing your energy reserve, allowing more power to be generated to do what you want – ride faster.
Since first testing the GRAVITY-ZERO wheels at a variety of drafting and non-drafting races, I was impressed with the fact I was able to maintain bigger gears than I normally would at a similar cadence, accelerate faster out of corners and respond to attacks better. This was, in my opinion, due to an improved efficiency in my pedal stoke that also seemed to keep me fresher for the run. Since then I have also trained with the X one hub and found the benefits are just as significant in power efforts, hill climbs (in and out of saddle) and especially when fatigued. After using the 85mm front and rear combo in my 2007 Ironman race, I can confidently say that I have never felt as fresh in the last 30km of the bike leg as I did at Port Macq. and even went significantly faster than the previous year? In the past I would not consider the bike leg to be my strength, but with these wheels that’s certainly changing.

Tameka Day, Australian Professional Triathlete
I’ve been lucky enough to have raced on GRAVITY-ZERO wheels for the past few months and must say that I’m sold on them. Putting race wheels on your bike always feels great after riding on your standard training wheels, but I have found the GRAVITY-ZERO even smoother. Previously I had a fairly similar sort of race wheel (in terms of looks) but I really noticed a difference when riding the GRAVITY-ZERO. I use the 50mm carbon rim for my draft legal sprint and Olympic distance racing and they are perfectly suited to this style of racing. They are fast out of corners and quick to respond when you get out of the saddle to climb hills. I’m not sure on the mechanics of how this works, the GRAVITY-ZERO team tells me it’s something about the ‘no-lag hub’, but I know they are a definite advantage on these tight courses. Since riding GRAVITY-ZERO wheels, I’ve also ridden a disc wheel for the first time in non-drafting races. I had been a little apprehensive about this as it’s usually the domain of the powerful blokes, but after putting on the GRAVITY-ZERO Rocket, I was certainly rewarded with some fast bike times (and that very impressive whirring noise). Now I’ll use the disc at any opportunity I can get. Another phenomenon that the GRAVITY-ZERO team mentioned about the wheels was being able to run faster off the bike. I was a little skeptical about this, but all I can say is that I’ve never run faster off the bike than I have this season. Whatever it is, I’ll go with it.

Leon Griffin, Australian Professional Triathlete
GRAVITY-ZERO wheels have without doubt played an integral part in my stepping up to the International ranks of Professional Triathlon/Duathlon. I have placed my faith in the X-one’s breakthrough freewheel hub technology and every time it has responded to the challenge – more power, exceptional acceleration and unbelievably light for climbing – resulting in many wins and podiums on the International Triathlon/Duathlon circuit. I’m excited to be involved with such an evolutionary company and will continue to strive to match the performance provided by these beautiful wheel sets.

Leesa White, Australian Professional Triathlete
I have had the opportunity to ride many different brands of race wheels over my years of racing, and due to what I thought was an unfortunate situation at the time the Australian Triathlon Championships this year I had to borrow a set of GRAVITY-ZERO wheels for the race and I have never looked back!
I put the set of wheels on my bike and wheeled it straight into transition without a ride. During the race I could not believe the difference; it was noticeable as soon as I put power down. The wheels rolled so smoothly and seemingly without resistance. They are super light carbon rims but provide great stiffness and do not flex when pushing hard or riding out of the saddle. I love the feel of them and the unique hub system makes the wheel roll so well I went out and bought a set the following week.

Kris Gemmell, Professional Triahlete (New Zealand)
The GRAVITY-ZERO freewheel hub system is an instant supply of power into the road. Mix this with a stiff and responsive carbon rim and DT Swiss spokes and you have something rolling under you that you can feel and know is working. After testing these wheels I decided to ride them in the Commonwealth Games Triathlon in Melbourne 2006. I have ridden the GRAVITY-ZERO tubular carbons (38mm) in every race since and they have never let me down. I can’t wait to take these up the mountains at the world championships this year and let my legs do the talking. If you want a wheel that’s gives you everything you put through your bike then look no further – you have found them!

Kristian McCartney, Pro Australian Triathlete
The 50mm carbon clincher feel stiff and responsive and I am totally use to the feel of the hub. I tried another wheel the other day with an old fashioned ‘normal’ hub and thought, man I don’t want to use one of those again! It’s almost exciting to climb with the hub as it gives such immediate power allowing you to jump in and out of the seat at will, keeping full tension on the rear wheel. It’s all forward energy. I have only raced on the wheels a few times now but they have helped me to a gold and silver medal at two state championships and also a race win to clinch the 2007 Gatorade Triathlon series.
Very satisfying!

Lynne Duthie
The morning of a triathlon and you’ve got to be organized.
You’ve got to worry about your swim – Will your goggles fog up? Will your wetsuit make you more buoyant and streamlined?
You’ve got to worry about your run – Will your shoes do up properly? Will they carry you faster and will they give you blisters?
And for most people, they’ve got to worry about the bike. But not me! With my beautiful GRAVITY-ZERO’s on I haven’t got a worry in the world!
Pumped to capacity, not only do they complete the ‘look’ but they make racing a breeze! Smooth, yet strong and incredibly fast they tear around any bike course. The sound of a pair of GRAVITY-ZERO’s coming from behind is enough to scare any competitor – that’s what I love about them! But what I love more is the fact that when these wheels are on your bike the only speed they want to go is FAST and when there’s no slowing down they simply make you feel like you’re flying!
Thanks GRAVITY-ZERO your wheels let me race faster towards my dreams!

Tim Bentley
From my 24 years of racing triathlon at an elite level, I have seen the fabulous evolution of our sport. The most noticable changes, of course, have been made with the technology of the time trial bike.
The biggest improvement one can make to their bike is the addition of a quality set of race wheels that are both rigid and light.
For the past 2 years, I have been very fortunate to trial the new GRAVITY-ZERO wheels. Not being the most smoothest cyclist on the pro circuit, once changing into the GRAVITY-ZERO wheels, I instantly noticed the difference in my pedalling efficiency. With their patoned “X One” instant lock in hub mechanism, I feel all my energy going directly into each pedal stroke. It’s like I have the power to push a higher gear.
That’s a great feeling, at any level of racing!

Nathan Jones
I hope all is well. Just thought I’d send these images of my bike and your wonderful 50mm Carbon Clinchers. I have been training on them and they are FANTASTIC. I have been noticed a massive difference using them. A lot of my training has been hilly areas of Kinglake and St. Andrews. When climbing I have felt the lightness and at the same time a increase in roll when climbing, if this makes sense.
I have ridden Beach Rd twice and the difference on the flat was unbelievable. I was riding front of the peloton and clocking speeds of 40 to 45km/h. The wheels just felt amazing and seemed to pick up speed the more momentum I gained.
The big test will be on 20th Feb, Geelong Olympic Distance. Can’t wait to race in them.
Thanks once again for convincing me to upgrade.

Michael Saunders
The wheels are flying and the extra confidence I have gained is impressive.
This time last year I would not have made up the difference.
Again Thank you.

Andy Reynolds
Ijust got back from Port Macquarie Ironman 2011,
Had an amazing race at Port and qualified for Hawaii…. Wheels were awesome, so thank you, guess the extra money spent was worth it!!!!

Peter Hyett
Just letting you know I am rapt with new wheels. Thanks for your honest advice regarding other wheels-the 50s look great on the bike.

David Dellow, 4 x Australian Team Representative
In World Cup multi loop triathlons there can be up to 70 corners per race, the GRAVITY-ZERO X one hub allows me to put power straight into the rear wheel out of each corner instead of the usual lag experienced in other wheels. If you don’t want to be left lagging, get a set of GRAVITY-ZERO’s.

Mat Tippett, Professional Triathlete
I first used a GRAVITY-ZERO Disc in the Rydges Capricorn Half Ironman 2005 and found it to be the most effective wheel I have ever used providing more direct power out corners and enabling me to spin at a higher wattage. I subsequently decided to purchase a full set of wheels and rode them in the 2005 Western Australian Ironman. I recorded the 5th fastest ride of the day in a time of 4 hours 43 minutes and found the Disc to be well suited to the hard windy conditions. I am sure they will further enhance my riding potential and have no hesitation in endorsing them.

Nathan, (29), Ironman Triathete, Elwood, Vic.
Having ridden the GRAVITY-ZERO deep-dish carbon front and disc combination, in races, for exactly one year now, I have gone from a top 10 age grouper to a consistent top two or three age grouper, with a lot of credit going to my bike leg. Although training harder and smarter than ever before, my equipment has also been an important part of that improvement, none more so than my race wheels.
Much lighter, stronger, straighter and streamlined than anything else I tested or have ridden before, the GRAVITY-ZERO combination allows me to hold my top speed for longer periods. This is crucial for all distances and ultra important in races from Olympic Distance through to Ironman.
Triathlon has as much to do with equipment and about saving weight and being streamlined, as it has to training hard and smart. Any GRAVITY-ZERO combination will do this, especially the deep-dish/disc package. The unique and revolutionary hub technology is a noticeable progression and advancement in bike wheels. A great step-up from anything else on the market.
The after sale support and encouragement I have received from GRAVITY-ZERO has also made the choice of wheels more than justified. Always interested in my results and happy to offer advice and help where needed their team has had a significant impact on my triathlon season and overall improvement.
I would recommend any of the GRAVITY-ZERO range to any cyclist or triathlete wishing to improve their race times and position.

Micheal Pratt, Executive Director, Triathlon Victoria Inc
It has been good this season to see a local product appear on the market place and receive support from the athletes. Kevin Hancett launched GRAVITY-ZERO on to the Victoria consciousness through the Protiviti Triathlon Series. There were elite athletes and age groupers such as my rival Simon Kellet using both deep dish and disc wheels from GRAVITY-ZERO.
After riding many different wheel combinations myself over the past 10 years I was interested to give the GRAVITY-ZERO wheels a test for the Fourth Event and see how they compared to the usual Zipp, Hed, and Mavic combinations. The test was over one month and involved using the wheel over a variety of road surfaces and terrains.
The first thing you notice about the wheels is the instantaneous response they give you when you put the power down. With most wheels you feel the gear engage before the wheel starts to respond, it is only a split second, but with the GRAVITY-ZERO’s there was no time lag at all. This is due to a revolutionary patented hub system than is unique to GRAVITY-ZERO. Kevin has told me many stories of how many wheels were broken in ten years of developing the hub, but it has certainly been worth it.
The other noticeable aspect of the wheel was how strong they were despite their lightness. Those who know Kew Blvd will testify to the rough surface, yet the wheels easily coped with this surface and even some cobbled area’s I rode in celebration of the start of the Spring Classics in Europe! In fact the Carbon rims seemed to soak up some of the shock even over this extreme surface.
The three main activities I used the wheels for were climbing, Time Trialling and general commuting to test their durability. The Dandenong’s were the venue for the climbing and the wheels really came into their own with their lightness and ability to accelerate. I was soon up the 1/20 and looking forward to “TheWall”. On descending they were solid and gave you confidence to really pick up the speed.
The time trialling was conducted at Albert Park and the wheels were very similar in performance to my current choice of Zipp 440’s. They quickly got up to speed and made it easy to hold the pace. My concern in this area had been the shallowness of the rims, but Kevin talked me through the reasons for this and it didn’t seem to hinder their performance at all.
In general commuting the wheels remained true throughout and my training partners were soon sick of me using the quicker wheels for the easier sessions. While I might moan about having to return them at the end of the test, they were pleased to see the back of them. One activity I didn’t get a chance to do, but which would have proved valuable was criteriums. They way the hub system allowed you to accelerate out of the corners would have been a definite advantage.
So if you are looking for some new wheels for next season there is certainly a local product that is a match for the French and American competitors out there. In fact with their patented hub system it could be the little Aussie product leading the way.

Eric Davidson
Well the wheels were everything I had hoped for. When I felt the clutch at the Sun Tour I was pretty sure that it would solve my problem and the road test at your place quickly confirmed it.
I have now ridden Beach Road and the Sassafras 1 in 20 and they were brilliant. The clutch is spooky to ride. My pedalling feels smooth at full power, standing and climbing. It feels like a fixed wheel yet you can freewheel.
On Beach Road a train of bikes formed in front of me and my strongest companion who is usually last to be dropped was couple of bikes ahead at parkdale. He dropped off possibly at lights and I ran out of steam and dropped off at Brighton and waited several minutes for him at our Port Melbourne coffee stop. On Sassaras on Monday I rode 20.47. That is near my best only six weeks after a small hernia op. My best is 20.11 but usually 22 or 23 mins, I suspect the performance is a combination smoothing out the clutch clanging and the liveliness of the wheels. I feel like I am riding a fixed wheel with two good legs.
My American Classic wheels have served me well being a similar weight to yours and with sealed bearings. They have shortcomings but are good value for the price but yours are beautiful and you are entitled to sling off at the American Classics. Apart from the clutch for which I bought them, the wheels are so rigid and lively. I like the design details with inverted spoke nipples, minimal drilling of the alloy rim, hub spoke holes tailored to the spokes and strong spokes spaced out and bridged by a deep, rigid, light carbon braced rim.
I can’t think how you thought of re-designing the bike clutch but the clutch and the wheel design and manufacture is brilliant. Congratulations. Thank you for looking after me on Thursday you were very kind.